Client Testimonials

C.J. of ACE Quality Construction completely rebuilt / remodeled the front of our home. Ace removed the front porch that had pulled away from the home,  dug out the foundation and packed in good material to prevent settling in the future.
When the job was completed they did not leave a single gravel on the place.
After the construction was completed some friends come over and they thought we had torn the home down and built a new home in its place.
CJ is the best of the best. Incredible craftsmanship and a real pleasure to work with.
“Incredible Craftsmanship” Tom Smith

C.J. Stephens of ACE Quality Construction recently completed an extensive master bath remodel for us. We are delighted with the finished product and pleased that the final cost turned out almost exactly as estimated. We added a number of new items to the project, in part, because we came to value both the quality of the work and the collaborative approach C. J. took to planning and completion. He takes pride in his work, the work others perform as his designated subcontractors, and in his customer relationships. It shows.

We would definitely use C. J. again and have recommended him already to friends. You can count on his fairness, dedication, technical skill, attention to detail and open partnership across all stages of a project, big or small. We are so glad we found him!

Master Bath Remodel Dr. Barbara Lavery
CJ’s work is the best I’ve ever been involved with on home building.  I recently had two chimneys that weren’t built right, rotting from the inside out, threatening to topple over on my roof.  CJ came in, not knowing what to expect and said he’d fix them, keeping me up to speed on what he found every step of the way; including costs and timing.
Not only did he rebuild my chimneys, but they are now the best built parts of my house!  The brick and mortar matched perfectly, the brickwork is gorgeous, he even had custom chimney toppers made to top them off.  He knows how to get amazing quality work done, for a very fair price.  Thank you CJ – these chimneys are no longer a threat to my home, they are a showcase!
Rotted Out Chimney Rebuild Steph